PX-911, descaling cleaner Descaling cleaner suitable for glass and beach. Ideal liquid cleaner for eliminating scale on the surfaces of swimming pools. It acts efficiently without damaging the joint between tiles and without affecting paint or tiles. Cleaning and disinfection of glass [...]

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Special anti-foam spas and indoor pools Product specially formulated to control, prevent and eliminate foam that is formed in pools and spas. Defoamer for aqueous media, easily dispersible in water. It helps in the prevention and control of the foam of [...]

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Salt Electrolysis

Briquette salt Decalcified of water intended for human consumption and water for agricultural and industrial use. 25 Kg      ARC0364 Download Technical Sheet Briquette salt Fine salt [...]

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PH regulators

PH-Minus Liquid, pH reducer Liquid pH reducer for alkaline waters. Promotes water balance to avoid skin and eye irritation problems in swimmers. In liquid format with easy dosage and application. Reduces the consumption of disinfectants. 12 Kg      ARV0121 25 Kg  [...]

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Pisci-Flok Clarifier and eliminator of colloidal particles in suspension that cause turbidity. Helps eliminate turbidity and suspended particles. Increases filter performance by retaining heavier, more compact flocs. Effective over a wide range of pH and temperatures. Recommended for shock and maintenance treatments. [...]

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Non-chlorinated disinfectants

Bromix Bromine disinfectant in tablets for use in swimming pools and spas without chlorine smell. It acts quickly in the control of algae, bacteria and fungi. Especially recommended for indoor pools and spas. No unpleasant odors for users. 5 kg [...]

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Chlorinated Disinfectant

Clorix Hipo Specially stabilized sodium hypochlorite for the treatment of swimming pool water. Suitable for installations with high disinfection requirements. Special stabilized formula with great richness in chlorine that prevents and eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. Universal product for indoor and outdoor [...]

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NX-100, Chlorine or bromine neutralizer Product specially indicated to eliminate excess chlorine and residual bromine. It guarantees the elimination of excess disinfectant quickly and efficiently in all types of swimming pools. Very useful in public facilities after performing shock treatments to adjust [...]

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Essence, essence of eucalyptus Perfumes pleasantly spas and saunas creating a relaxing atmosphere. Specially designed for the aromatization of saunas and spas. It favors and increases the respiratory capacity and at the same time stimulates and refreshes the mind. Product of easy [...]

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