Quicesa has a wide experience in the manufacture of distribution marks directed to third parties, being the current supplier of large European distribution chains.

Our flexibility and adaptability allows us to offer integral and customized solutions for each client, adapting to their needs.

Our greatest success is to achieve satisfaction in our customers and end consumers.


Brand Development

We lead the whole cycle in the introduction of a product in the market, from the development of the formula, the advice on image and label design, the management of sanitary records, or the most suitable packaging.

  • Quality and Department (R&D)
  • Advice on the image and design of the product
  • Management of health records
  • Collaboration in the design of the required packaging
  • Collaboration in the launching of the product
  • Logistical solutions adapted to the requirements of each client
Distribution marks


Quicesa has been collaborating over the years with large national and European distribution companies, who rely on us to manufacture their brands, as well as to launch new products to the market.

We have a wide variety of formats, presentations and packaging, always adapted to the demand of the consumers.

Distribution marks
Distribution marks
Distribution marks


For more information contact the Distributor brand development manager through: contacto@quicesa.com

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