For us, teams are the means to achieve the true end: The quality of the expected water. That is why when we recommend a specific installation or equipment, we guarantee the search results.

Our technicians identify your needs and define the characteristics of the necessary equipment. We select only equipment of proven quality, with the appropriate benefits, that assure the solution to the problems. 

By means of the automatic dosage of the chemical products in the swimming pool, we guarantee hygienic-sanitary conditions of the water at all times, while providing safety, precision and we manage to save on products.

The Quicesa control panels have the most advanced technology and currently allows your connection to networks and computers for a comfortable bidirectional communication with the equipment. We have a wide portfolio of chemical storage tanks and dosage accessories.


We installed it and left it ready to work. Contact our sales technician who will identify your needs and advise you and inform you of the most suitable equipment for your pool.


Optimal filtration and recirculation of the pool water is essential to keep the water in perfect condition. The proper sizing of the debugging system is critical. The experience of the Quicesa team is available to advise you and find the best market options adapted to the needs of your installation.

We have a wide range of products for filtering and recirculating the water of your pool, adapted to different flows, problematic of vessels, different types of pumps (centrifuges, self-priming or digital), etc.



We installed it and left it ready to work. Contact our sales technician who will identify your needs and advise you and inform you of the most suitable equipment for your pool.


The measuring and analysis equipment is essential to know and to carry out a regular control of the state of the water. So, we can maintain its equilibrium, something fundamental to be able to have the water in optimal conditions. This equipment can be applied in pool water, drinking water and also in laboratories.


Multiparameter Primer Lab Photometer

Prime Lab

The PRIMELAB 1.0 multitest is a state-of-the-Turbid meter photometer, with which accurate and reliable water analysis is obtained thanks to its JENCOLOR sensor.

  • Easy to use

  • Very reliable results

  • Delivery, set-up and user training included

  • Multiparameter, up to 130 different parameters

  • Approved for the measurement of turbidity



Photometer Pool Lab

Medición pool lab

Measuring-pool lab single-wavelength photometer for pool water analysis, with instantaneous access to installed parameters.

It incorporates an interchangeable tray that allows rapid sampling of water by immersing the equipment



Manual measurement

Test cases with tablets or liquids to measure PH, chlorine and bromine.Medición manualMedición manual


Ofrecemos distintas tecnologias para el tratamiento del agua:

UV Treatment Systems


This natural technology offers optimum results in the swimming pools by achieving a great improvement in the sanitation of the water and the environment.

It will save both energy and water consumption. Decreasing the level of chloramines can reducer considerably the number of washes with the consequent saving of water, chemicals to treat it and energy to heat it.

This non-polluting natural treatment is appreciated by the users who will be able to perceive a better bathing experience.


Saline chlorination

Our saline chlorinators adapt to any type of space and need. Our range consists of an electro chlorination system in line of high performance developed to produce chlorine in freshwater.

The technology used is the most sophisticated of electrolysis and represents an unprecedented advance in electro chlorination.

Deep aeration

Deep aeration consists of air injection at the bottom of the swamp, lake or reservoir in order to create a column of water/air that allows the bottom water, with low oxygen content, to be mixed with water from the surface of high oxygen content.

Avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes and other aquatic larvae, reduce the nutrients of algae and eliminate bad smells.

Other treatments

We install treatment plants for water purification, descaling, demineralization, osmosis and a wide range of products and equipment to treat and correct any problem that has water.

Cleaner robots

The range of cleaner is designed to provide professional cleaning in public and private pools. We have equipment with the right features that ensure the solution to the problems. In addition, we set up the pool cleaner for your pools and organize a training for the installation personnel on the use and maintenance of the robots.


Manual pool cleaner with integrated filtration


Quick’Vac is a new generation of trawl ideal for residential, infant and fountain pools.

The removable filter retains all kinds of impurities and thanks to the elastic system, the filter bag is easy to empty. In addition, the extraordinary work of the pump allows optimum cleaning and greater handling of the most inaccessible recesses.



Lineo XP

Cleaning flotation Line

Lineo XP, the cleaning robot of the waterline and floor cleaning.

It consists of rotating discs by a small watertight motor that allows to clean the flotation line and the difficult to access parts. It is supplied with a 2 kg battery and 90 min autonomy.



Other materials

Quicesa offers a wide variety of equipment for the maintenance and cleaning of areas close to the vessel and the waterline of the installation. The cleanliness of these zones is essential to be able to give the best service to the user.

We have manual cleaning equipment: Brushes, collects sheets, hoses, complete cleaning equipment formed by car, pole and hose terminals, etc.

Access to water

We have a wide variety of accessories and equipment to improve the accessibility to the swimming pools and adapt to your tastes and comforts. From different models of stairs, with safety rung, handrails, to the most innovative equipment for handicapped people.

Showers and glass material

In our range of products there is a wide range of showers and materials for the glass, such as grates, skimmers and sinks. We are constantly expanding our range of products, adapting ourselves to the new demands and trends of the market and always guaranteeing the expected result.


Competition and Salvage Material

Surveillance chairs, life-saving platforms, defibrillators, corks and other accessories.


Wellness and fitness


Quicesa offers a wide variety of spa materials: waterfalls, therapeutic cannons, hydro massage loungers, etc.

In the fitness area we have water bikes, water treadmills, boxing sacks, audio systems or dry bathing suits. Everything you need for sporting activities in the water.