Disinfectant cleaner

Sanicentro multidesinfection, Bactericide and contact fungicide Due to its bactericidal and fungicidal action, its application is particularly indicated in the cleaning of changing rooms, showers, services, benches, walls and all kinds of public affluence areas. It guarantees a powerful and effective [...]

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Cleaners circuits and filters

CF-300, Cleaner and descaling of circuits and filters Effective cleaning of adhesions in the circuits and filters of the purification system. Its use optimizes the debugging process and guarantees its correct operation. Eliminates microorganisms, desampamaza and clean the bed. Suitable for [...]

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NS-900, Superconcentrated descaler cleaner Product specially formulated for the cleaning of severe incrustations of the pool vessel. Fast, powerful and super concentrated cleaner that guarantees deep cleanings. It facilitates the dissolution and elimination of ferric, calcareous and algae buds. Eliminates sediment [...]

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Piscinil-2, Universal Formula Winteriser It prevents the formation of algae and prevents the putrefaction of water. It prevents the formation of calcareous adhesions and dirt on the surfaces, facilitating the cleaning tasks of the start-up. Ideal chemical composition to keep the [...]

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PH regulators

BH-400, pH reducer Reduces and regulates the pH quickly and effectively. In liquid format, so the mixture is optimized and regulated more easily. Easy dosage and application of the product. It guarantees user comfort. Concentrated product, maximum efficiency. 5 Kg [...]

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Pisciclar Plus, Flocculant-Coagulant   Suitable to eliminate the turbidity and suspended matter of the pool. It contains an innovative polymer with double action: it helps reduce surface fat and eliminates particles in suspension. Improves filter performance by obtaining more compact and [...]

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Chlorinated disinfectants

Piscinil Clorix, Multi-action shock disinfectant Balanced superconcentrated formula that keeps the water in the pool crystal clear, without the need to add another chemical product.High content of active chlorine that guarantees the action against organic contamination.Recovers the transparency of the water [...]

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AG-500, Algicide and superconcentrated bactericide   Eliminate and control all types of algae: white, green, black and their spores. Prevents the appearance of algae in the walls, soil and water of the pool. Effective for shock and maintenance treatments. With immediate [...]

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