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AG-500, Algicide and superconcentrated bactericide   Eliminate and control all types of algae: white, green, black and their spores. Prevents the appearance of algae in the walls, soil and water of the pool. Effective for shock and maintenance treatments. With immediate [...]

2018-12-12T14:53:54+01:00Wednesday, 6 de June de 2018|Premium Line|

Beginning of the 2018 Campaign

A few months before the beginning of summer, it is time to check the state of the aquatic facilities: reforms, possible breakdowns, equipment and accessories, adaptations to new legislation . . . Our Consultancy, Projects & Installations division will offer you a complete [...]

2018-11-27T16:51:47+01:00Monday, 7 de May de 2018|News Watercare|
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